Innovation Isn’t Just for Startups – This Old Dog Nails Some New Tricks

I read an article yesterday by R “Ray” Wang on his Software Insiders Point of View blog: Research Report: How The Five Pillars Of Consumer Tech Influence Enterprise Innovation, and while it’s an excellent article, and makes some good points, I took exception to the first line: Most Enterprise Software Vendors Fail To Deliver Innovation.  Hey, wait a minute. 

Old dog

I realize that he said “Most” and that doesn’t necessarily refer to Pervasive, but I’m a bit sensitive on this issue.  We’ve taken a lot of crap over the years for being old and stodgy, just because we’ve been in the data management business for some, ahem, 25 years or so.  Instead of having earned our gray hairs accumulating a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, the technology, and the challenges our customers face, we’re seen as old dogs who can’t possibly do any new tricks.  

Folks seem to think that only baby startup companies know how to be innovative, as this bit from Mr. Wang’s article points out: 

“During this year’s Information Week 500 event, conversations with over 50 leading business technology leaders highlighted the growing gap in innovation.  These next gen leaders demonstrated how they were turning to consumer tech advancements to influence their custom development efforts; and/or seeking emerging vendors with innovative offerings.” 

Well, you kids can just get off my lawn!  Startups are not the only ones who know how to innovate. Pervasive has thrived for so long exactly because we understand that we can’t ever stand still. We pour back a huge chunk of our profits every year into R & D, and that money doesn’t just water the grass.  

Genius dog  

We’ve got groups of data managing geniuses creating the coolest things they can think of, developing them, and seeing where they go.  We’ve got guys like Larry, an MIT grad, who everyone at Pervasive knows because he wanders the halls doing puzzles, like Rubik’s cubes with Sudoku numbers on the squares. It helps him think. Out of guys like that have come some of the most impressive new tricks in the data management industry today. 

Software and new API’s are being created by the hundreds at an impossible-to-keep-up-with rate, so, we invented a connectivity framework that could connect to darn near anything, even if we’d never seen it before, generally in a couple of weeks or less, and bundled it with all of our integration products.  Then we opened it up to our entire user base, so anyone can create new connectors for Pervasive integration software.  How’s that for a new trick? 

Here’s a few more you may have heard about: 

  • Pervasive DataRush, a way to automatically parallelize any Java application that’s been blowing away world record data crunching speeds on cheap commodity hardware. Not to mention doing it with a green savings of 162 times the level of power efficiency of the previous record holder.
  • Pervasive PSQL v11 MC multi-core enabled embeddable database, which is rumored to be somewhat … fast. 
  • Pervasive DataCloud, a cloud platform for SaaS to SaaS & SaaS to on-premise integration in the cloud.
  • Pervasive DataSolutions, plug-and-play integration as a SaaS application that you can hook up to and be integrated in minutes.
Healthcare dog

Here’s one you may not know about. We revolutionized healthcare business service processing with Pervasive Integration Hub. We’re blowing away old paradigms on how hard it is to do claims processing, revenue acceleration, benefits processing, and healthcare BI.  How many new tricks does an old dog have to do here? 

Startups are out there catching the same old Frisbees and grabbing attention, but our dogs are way past that child’s play.  You want innovation, we invented it, like we invented the first SaaS connector, and the first drag-and-drop mapper way back in the day.  We did a briefing with IDC, who figured we were just another software vendor a couple weeks ago, and now, they’re talking about how innovative we are: 

IDC, a leading analyst group, Names Pervasive to 5 Innovative Application Development and Deployment Companies Under $100M to Watch: Cloud Services, Next-Generation Database Products, and Mobile Applications Are Key Revenue Drivers. 

Imagine that.  Old dogs like us. 

The thing is, folks expect innovation from upstart young pups, and get all impressed even when they’re just doing the same cute little tricks. With us, they need to see it to believe it.  So, if you want to see some really amazing new tricks, come to IntegratioNEXT, our annual user conference.  That’s where we unveil the coolest tricks we’ve got up our sleeve.  And this year, we’ve got a doozy.  These old dogs innovate with the best of them. 

Innovation dog



IntegratioNEXT Pervasive Integration User Conference

IntegratioNEXT Pervasive Integration User Conference

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