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Non-Profit Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) Innovates with Financial Integration in the Cloud

I had an opportunity to hear and meet the CIO of a fascinating non-profit organization, called the Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX), at IntegratioNEXT.  MIX’s mission is to provide detailed financial and social information which enables microfinance institutions (MFIs), market facilitators, leading donor organizations and investors to make better investments in the segment of the population [...]


Pivotal IT Leverages Pervasive’s Technology to Create an Integrated Approach to Data Quality

One of the keys to successful data integration is taking the time to ensure data quality across business processes. However, few organizations have the patience or can afford the expense associated with attaining a sufficient level of data quality to ensure effective data integration. Pivotal Information Technology (IT) is employing Pervasive Software’s data quality and [...]


Live from Pervasive Software’s IntegratioNEXT 2010 Conference: Pervasive Software Innovates Both Below and Above the Waterline!

Amid its 39th quarter of consecutive profitability, Pervasive has launched a new SaaS version of its flagship Data Integrator (DI) product called DI “Cloud Edition”. In short, as part of a process described by CTO Mike Hoskins as “innovating below the water line,” the Pervasive software development team has service-enabled the platform for SOA. This enables the DI product to bring its extensive connectivity to the cloud, either on the Pervasive DataCloud onAmazon’s EC2, or on any cloud…

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